Day 147 (365) Waiting for Convocation!

The feeling of being graduated!

College is over but, the memories just never fade.

Waiting, for the big day yet, the convocation is still on the cliff.

Some have gone abroad to pursue their Post Grad!

Some still stuck between the two career paths.

And others are just trying to finish the rat race.

In thequicklink-1.jpg midst of all the chaos, What counts is how do we live our life.

Day 146 (365) Muse.



I tell myself I am going to live a beautiful life ahead,

Just keep moving, just keep breathing.

I keep telling my self that things will fall at the right place.

Life is filled with joys and sorrows.

I have to survive and live to the fullest.

And why do I feel empty again.


Day 145 (365) 12 hour Heavy Rains.

I hope everyone has reached their home safely. The 12-hour continuous rain in Mumbai has blocked the three modes of travel. Many people were stuck last night as it rained heavily in Mumbai for more than 12 hours.

I was also out as I heard that my grandpa expired and I had to leave Mumbai to reach ambajogai which is a 12-hour journey.


It was impossible for us to go to ambajogai in that heavy rain because it has caused so much damage it really felt like it’s 26 July Mumbai showers of rain.

we will have to wait until the Mumbai is back to normal. Although today it’s not raining heavily.¬† And we came back home by 2 am today. As it stopped raining so we reached safely.

To my grandpa, We will miss him a lot he was 91 years old and Home is now hollow. We will miss his presence. God bless him.