Day 122 (365) 3 Things: For Fantastic Monochrome Pictures.

How to make your monchrome photos look abstract.

1. Context To a Portrait: Look for beautiful backgrounds and a perfect frame to fit in. Take help of the situation.

A portrait of me. Taken with glass effect.

2. Use Prop: A prop is an essential tool to give perspective to B/W portraits especially. A prop will help make the photo look more Interesting / Appropriate.


A friend of mine poses with a mini guitar.


3. Search for Multiple Layers: The multiple layers are usually the mirror and other things which you can find at home. A window will also do.


A selfie with a camera.

I hope my blog  helps you to create new ideas. And Thank you so much for reading. Do share your photo ideas to capture B/W in your style.


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Day 121 (365) Why James Blunt & Coldplay!

Dear friend,

I just cannot get over these talented singers. I always get inspired by their songs! And the way their music takes you in totally another world! Is just exceptional

James blunt is old love.

I cannot believe their lyrics have so much influence on our emotions. If you are ever in mess and the world around is a bit high. Stop, listen to their music!

Day 120 (365) Indian Architecture.


The Mughal style architecture.
I am astonished by the excellent archaic features of this museum and so much hard work and detailing is executed on its interiors. The innards are so beautifully incarnated besides the colors are so perfectly matched up, the combination of yellow and dark brown gives an old mahal type feels. Such a wonderful and ancient place to visit.


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Day 119 (365) Are you working on your Dreams?

If you still are wondering what your goals are. ?? I ask you to think and write down what you feel like doing. Don’t get distracted, jot down all the worries and do SWOT ANALYSIS.


  • Remember to keep things which motivate you.
  • question yourself.
  • Accept the reality and appreciate what’s coming.


Just keep wandering and motivate yourself to work on your dreams. Remember you got only one life so make it large.!

Day 118 (365) Waiting for life to change?

Dear friend,

If you are waiting for life to change! Then I think you also have to work for it. Nothing’s gonna happen just sitting back and relaxing. You gotta start working for life to change.

Please keep this in mind this 4 commendments.

I have One life.

I will achieve What I dream of.

Nothing will stop me to accomplish my goals.

I love my life.

And I will live for it.


The more I thought about it, the more I realized you had my heart all along. © Sarah Doughty

via Thinking — Heartstring Eulogies

Day 117 (365) Find out this amazing Indian photographer.

⁠⁠⁠People love what other people are passionate about.//.
Meet @mr.cobb_ace. We properly met in 2016 as a photographer. Also, we studied in the same college and share the similar interest in photography. He is one of my favorite photographers.LGTx-78-01

Because he has put a lot of interest and effort in what he is passionate about.

Day 116 (365)Minimalism


Bunch of colors.

Dear friend,

Colors play an important role in our life and With sketch pens I tried assembling them and clicking a photo of it.



Day 115 (365) Gifts And Surprises : DIY



Create your own creative ideas to click some aesthetic photos and do some little editing. And here you go! Collect or assemble all the gifts you received on your birthdays and keep clicking good photos until you get a beautiful Instagram worthy photos.


Liebe Always, Snay !

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Day 114 (365) What makes you a good presenter?

Dear friend,

I dedicate my today’s blog for those who want to stand out in the crowd. On my recent experience on presenting my PPT to the class of 25 people. Is not big deal unless and until those 25 people are unknown. But yet, That’s not important.

The 5 most important things  to become a good presenter!!!

1) Command over the language. :- Your language is important so be confident about it.

2) Grooming. :-  Remember folks, Grooming is the second most important thing.

3) Don’t read the slide:- You are not supposed to read the slide. Explain what’s more you can add to the topic.

4) Interaction:- Interact with the audience. It will help make you feel Comfortable as you are making the audience busy and communicate with them.

5) Conclusion:- The last and most important thing. Give conclusions. Don’t put a thank you slide! As it will not hold the interest of the audience. Keeping conclusion, It helps in remembering the topic and force the audience to think.

That’s all are the 5  topics which will help you to stand out.


Liebe Always, Snay :’)

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Day 113 (365) The best photo stop in Thane!


This is the photo I took on Viviana mall’s skywalk.

Dear friend,

If you are staying in Thane and if you visit Viviana Mall The Asia’s biggest Mall. Then take a walk on the skywalk which is just near the mall.  The best time to visit the skywalk is 6:30 pm – to  8 pm. This is the busiest time of the city. And You can click good bokeh Photos As I have captured above. You can click Portraits as well.  Well, this was my first visit to the skywalk and it turned out to be the best photo walk ever!

If you haven’t visited the place yet. I suggest Go during this season you might get aesthetic silhouette photos.

Liebe, Always Snay.

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You can see the bokeh live Here.



Day 112 (365) How to capture beautiful bokeh!


A Shot was taken in Thane.! 

Dear friend,

I hope you all are doing well. And I am back after my completing my pending assignments and few photo walks. I went to a place clicked some beautiful shots. Which I will mention in next blog!  But wait! I have some tips for my lovelies!

Rule no. 1 :- Try to capture Bokeh shots while you have multiple colors.


 Rule no. 2 :-Choose a place which can lit up the the entire city place.


 Rule no. 3:- It’s well and good if you have dslr. If not!? Then a good quality phone camera will work.


Rule No. 4 :-Decide the creativity and try clicking shots with humans or things which can make the perfect frame! And tada!! you are ready to shoot! ;’)


So, till then keep clicking;’)

Any other related questions comment below!

Liebe Always, Snay!


Day 111 (365) Life seems to be Bokeh


Such a great place to capture traffic!

Dear Friend,

Sometimes you gotta wake up and do the thing you really want to do! Because the time you waste thinking won’t come back!


Day 110 (365) Inspiring 7 mins.!!!

Dear friend,

I am in love with the humans of Bombay. The number of stories I hear in just 7 mins of my morning travel which is quite interesting and it surprisingly just makes my day.


One of the cab drivers telling his story.!


Damn! Yesterday a cab driver shared me his story. He told he gives away everyday free ride to the disabled person. Aah! Have ever heard someone helping someone without a second thought!? Well, I don’t remember the exact name of the cab driver neither I could take his photo! But if you ever visit Mahim, (a railway station in Mumbai) Do take a cab and catch inspiring spiel of cab drivers.

Day 109 (365) Being Spark to your life.




Keep on sparkling.



Day 108 (365) You are amazing!


Dear friend,

You all are amazing, Remember that!

Day 107 (365) Am I Depressed?


Dear Friend,

I am really concerned about the people’s lives who are dying out of depression And it scares me that depression has so much power to kill someone. How mental illness is killing everyone each day.

Depression is a silent killer.

If you don’t pay attention to your mental health it might get too late to you to realize what you have been doing wrong until you are dead. I want you to think and become self-reliable when it comes to mental health, emotional breakdown, the Only reason to depression killing people is not letting it out. To not reach out to someone you can talk about. I prefer to talk to someone who you think is understandable and will help you solve the problem. Or keep writing it in your diary show someone what you feel. If that’s how you can make others understand what’s going on in your mind. Don’t be scared and be affected by it. Depression is not someone’s choice it happens slowly you are not aware of it. Until it really gets into your mind and starts making you feel unhappy about life.

You have to be strong and survive life and live the life to the fullest. Because that’s what we are supposed to live for.

Don’t let depression affect your life.  And Don’t forget everything has the solution.

Day 106 (365) Prince of Wales  museum. 


Sir Ratan Tata Portrait.


Day 105 (365) My first Travel blog got published.!!!

Dear friend!

Well here’s a good news one of my blog on travel got published in a Kesari travel company. This is huge!

check it out here!

Work published.

Day 104 (365) The office.



If any one is aware of this Television series The Office. Then please drop down the link to download.  I am glad that I found a series to watch. And it’s quite interesting. After a long time!

Ps: I have a got a load of pending assignments. So I have got busy these days.! Will be right back with some new photos.! Till then watch this series.

Liebe  always snay,