Day 114 (365) What makes you a good presenter?

Dear friend,

I dedicate my today’s blog for those who want to stand out in the crowd. On my recent experience on presenting my PPT to the class of 25 people. Is not big deal unless and until those 25 people are unknown. But yet, That’s not important.

The 5 most important things  to become a good presenter!!!

1) Command over the language. :- Your language is important so be confident about it.

2) Grooming. :-  Remember folks, Grooming is the second most important thing.

3) Don’t read the slide:- You are not supposed to read the slide. Explain what’s more you can add to the topic.

4) Interaction:- Interact with the audience. It will help make you feel Comfortable as you are making the audience busy and communicate with them.

5) Conclusion:- The last and most important thing. Give conclusions. Don’t put a thank you slide! As it will not hold the interest of the audience. Keeping conclusion, It helps in remembering the topic and force the audience to think.

That’s all are the 5  topics which will help you to stand out.


Liebe Always, Snay :’)

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