Day 112 (365) How to capture beautiful bokeh!


A Shot was taken in Thane.! 

Dear friend,

I hope you all are doing well. And I am back after my completing my pending assignments and few photo walks. I went to a place clicked some beautiful shots. Which I will mention in next blog!  But wait! I have some tips for my lovelies!

Rule no. 1 :- Try to capture Bokeh shots while you have multiple colors.


 Rule no. 2 :-Choose a place which can lit up the the entire city place.


 Rule no. 3:- It’s well and good if you have dslr. If not!? Then a good quality phone camera will work.


Rule No. 4 :-Decide the creativity and try clicking shots with humans or things which can make the perfect frame! And tada!! you are ready to shoot! ;’)


So, till then keep clicking;’)

Any other related questions comment below!

Liebe Always, Snay!



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