Day 107 (365) Am I Depressed?


Dear Friend,

I am really concerned about the people’s lives who are dying out of depression And it scares me that depression has so much power to kill someone. How mental illness is killing everyone each day.

Depression is a silent killer.

If you don’t pay attention to your mental health it might get too late to you to realize what you have been doing wrong until you are dead. I want you to think and become self-reliable when it comes to mental health, emotional breakdown, the Only reason to depression killing people is not letting it out. To not reach out to someone you can talk about. I prefer to talk to someone who you think is understandable and will help you solve the problem. Or keep writing it in your diary show someone what you feel. If that’s how you can make others understand what’s going on in your mind. Don’t be scared and be affected by it. Depression is not someone’s choice it happens slowly you are not aware of it. Until it really gets into your mind and starts making you feel unhappy about life.

You have to be strong and survive life and live the life to the fullest. Because that’s what we are supposed to live for.

Don’t let depression affect your life.  And Don’t forget everything has the solution.


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