How To Create Rainbow Effects On A Selfie.

Self portrait All you need is three things to create this rainbow effect.

  1. CD

  2. Natural light / Torch

  3. A Camera.

Editing can be done on your preferred apps.

I did editing on vsco using A5 and Create the mood for your photo by adjusting saturation, exposure, highlights and tints.

I Hope you like my ideas. Now, go try it. Make your photography look like beautiful rainbow colours.

Watch “Mumbai’s first Ganesh Mandal | 125th year of celebration | Keshavji Naik Chawl | In my diary” on YouTube

Amazing and unique stories are here for you all !!

Hey everyone this is to all those who wanna know the historic reason and follow up of the same culture and tradition of celebrating ganesh festival in india, Mumbai.

Check this out here.!!!

Day (158) My First video got Selected!

Omg! I cannot believe this!  My first video which I randomly made and uploaded it on my Instagram got selected and I am so surprised! Thanks, @pulpkey for featuring!

You can watch my whole video on YouTube!!

I want to just share a small tip and a message for all who are struggling to get good pictures and want to make a video.

1.) Think about the photos you want to click. Literally just dream about it.!

2.) Focus on what you want to shoot specifically.

3.) Watch youtube on binge for ideas and also search on Pinterest and More importantly discuss the ideas with your close ones;’)

Have a great day!

Liebe Always, Snay

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