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How to create Rainbow effects on a selfie.

Self portrait All you need is three things to create this rainbow effect.

  1. CD

  2. Natural light / torch

  3. A camera.

Editing can be done on your preferred apps.

I did editing on vsco using A5 and Create mood for your photo by adjusting saturation,exposure,highlights and tints.

I Hope you like my ideas. Now, go try it. Make your photography look like beautiful rainbow colors.

Day 181 (365) Big Day.


 Today is the big day for the people of  India, The father of our nation “MK Gandhi’s birth date.”  I only remember one brilliant quote of Gandhiji’s

                                          Be the change you want to see in the world.

I recently completed my read on his biography by Eknath Easwaran. If you haven’t  then go ahead and  read every single page in detail you will understand the importance of gandhi’s childhood struggle and the story behind how he lead the army of common man to fight against the britishers and contributed in achiveing the freedom for India.

We will never forget the sacrifices our freedom fighters did for our





Watch “Mumbai’s first Ganesh Mandal | 125th year of celebration | Keshavji Naik Chawl | In my diary” on YouTube

Amazing and unique stories are here for you all !!

Hey everyone this is to all those who wanna know the historic reason and follow up of the same culture and tradition of celebrating ganesh festival in india, Mumbai.

Check this out here.!!!

Day (158) My First video got Selected!

Omg! I cannot believe this!  My first video which I randomly made and uploaded it on my Instagram got selected and I am so surprised! Thanks, @pulpkey for featuring!

You can watch my whole video on YouTube!!

I want to just share a small tip and a message for all who are struggling to get good pictures and want to make a video.

1.) Think about the photos you want to click. Literally just dream about it.!

2.) Focus on what you want to shoot specifically.

3.) Watch youtube on binge for ideas and also search on Pinterest and More importantly discuss the ideas with your close ones;’)

Have a great day!

Liebe Always, Snay

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Day 147 (365) Waiting for Convocation!

The feeling of being graduated!

College is over but, the memories just never fade.

Waiting, for the big day yet, the convocation is still on the cliff.

Some have gone abroad to pursue their Post Grad!

Some still stuck between the two career paths.

And others are just trying to finish the rat race.

In thequicklink-1.jpg midst of all the chaos, What counts is how do we live our life.

Day 146 (365) Muse.



I tell myself I am going to live a beautiful life ahead,

Just keep moving, just keep breathing.

I keep telling my self that things will fall at the right place.

Life is filled with joys and sorrows.

I have to survive and live to the fullest.

And why do I feel empty again.


Day 145 (365) 12 hour Heavy Rains.

I hope everyone has reached their home safely. The 12-hour continuous rain in Mumbai has blocked the three modes of travel. Many people were stuck last night as it rained heavily in Mumbai for more than 12 hours.

I was also out as I heard that my grandpa expired and I had to leave Mumbai to reach ambajogai which is a 12-hour journey.


It was impossible for us to go to ambajogai in that heavy rain because it has caused so much damage it really felt like it’s 26 July Mumbai showers of rain.

we will have to wait until the Mumbai is back to normal. Although today it’s not raining heavily.  And we came back home by 2 am today. As it stopped raining so we reached safely.

To my grandpa, We will miss him a lot he was 91 years old and Home is now hollow. We will miss his presence. God bless him.



Day 144 (365) What happens when someone knocks your car.

Hi everyone,

Yesterday,  a stranger knocked our car when we were at Navi Mumbai and were heading towards to Vashi plaza which was 500 meters away from the incident. This was the first time we faced such kind of incident. It’s difficult to handle and sometimes you have

It was way difficult than I thought But, you need to know how to handle and sometimes you have to be patient because this kind of incidents can rage anger and instead lead to people fight reciprocally.

The incident was not major as it harmed only the vehicle and not humans and the person who knocked is the car was driving without the license plus he did not have a  copy of the same.

Below I am describing what actually happened last night

We were moving steadily and after some time as the traffic grew more as my brother slowed down the car. we experienced an unexpected jerk “as if my brother pulled the emergency break” or something happened. Just in that spilled second, we did not perceive that some one has knocked our car.  I quickly rushed towards the back of the car to see what happened.

And  what I discovered was terrible our car’s trunk was mashed.

The man who hit our car comes out and says ” Mera gear box kharab hogaya hai” LOL  How stupid is that?  He did stop his car and says “his gear box failed! But he did not stop his car pulling the emergency break neither he pushed default break. And because of which our car and the auto wala had to suffer.

The Aftermath of the mayhem

The man was behaving as if he is the don of that area and was not listening to anyone. He blamed his car’s gear box instead. we took the matter on side of road and discussed there. Because we did not want other people to suffer because of this jerk. So all of us went aside and we discussed.

People were quarreling and in India, people have a bad habit of standing  and stare. So, We talked with that guy who looked like a street thug. we asked him to make a deal to either fix our car or give us the repair fund. He got ready to fix it. And told us he will renovate it at his friend’s garage but, we wanted to renovate our car at the  main service center. He did not agree and so we had called the cop.

Cop Intereference

The cop neither arrested him nor they charged him fine. (This is wow) I expected something exact opposite of it.  The cop scolded us for calling them twice and then told us your car is just damaged we here, recieve phone calls when in extreme case when a person’s live is lost.

My opinion

I know there extreme cases where people loose their lives and are injured. But what about driving w/o licence, no action was taken. That night the cop did’nt take any action against the accused. This is not fair.

Moral of the story

If, so ever happens this with you please take the matter in your hands and ask for the reasy cash and if that person fails to agree with the deal don’t go to police station cause it will no do any favor. Try  convincing the person and take the money and go away.

Also, if the incident occurs where you accsued has damaged car and injured the people in this case. Contactto the nearest police station. There are times when people just escape from the spot.

So please be careful and take care.




Day 143 (365) Six Reasons To Set Your Goals.

Implementing few important points to set your goals is what everyone should do! Without a systematic pre-planning and motivation, it can be difficult for you to achieve your goals.


So keep the following things in your mind.

Focus:-   Your focus on things will help you understand the importance on your goals always remember where your focus goes your energy flows.


Growth:- The growth depends on consistency and hard work and obviously, your Goal  Setting promotes personal growth.


Intentionality:- Have a purpose behind everything you do. Intentionality behind something productive which will help you achieve your goal. A plan relieves you of the torment of choice.

Measurement:- What gets measured gets improved (have a basis on which to improve) Note your /swot and improve accordingly.

Alignment:-  Break your goals into smaller goals and one by one attain it and allign your goals to make it look clearer.

Inspiration:- Goal breathe life into your days. Get inspired by the people who help you chase your dreams.

keep the points in your mind and start chasing your dreams and I hope you accomplish them.


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Day 142 (365) The After effects of Ganpati Visarjan.

hey everyone,

Ganesh Chaturthi in India is one of the biggest festival, every year lakhs of people come together on this occasion to celebrate this festival with lots of sweets and dance.

At my home, we celebrate this festival only for one and half day. So I have been busy for the last week because we have to clean the entire house before the Ganpati is welcomed home. My brother and I did the decoration part and this time we did not do much of the decoration it was a simple decor. As my grandpa is in critical condition because of which we planned a simple one. And finally, we did the Ganpati visarjan today by 5 pm.

It’s such great feeling when you attend a festival and the positive vibes you get it from there just changes your thoughts and affect your whole day with good vibes.


photo source: Google.


I remember I attended one of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Pune at my cousin’s place and We went for the visarjan I was awestruck by the Maintenance authority of Pune Hadapsar they ready made a separate pond for immersion of Ganesha’s idols and that was so good! It really did not bother any aqua life and was eco-friendly.

But I wanted to specifically talk about the after effects of Ganesh Visarjan are we doing morally right? I mean the Eco-system is not affected? Is Ganesh Chaturthi has become just a fad?  let these questions sink deeply in our minds and let’s bring solutions on the surface and Let’s think about whether it is fair to celebrate and immerse the Ganesha idol which is made of POP.

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Day 132 (365) How to Improve photography for Instagram photos.

Today, I am going discuss about how to improve photography for Instagram

1.) Follow the trends.

2.) Participate in competitions and experiment.

3.) Remeber the rule of thirds.

4.) Upload photos which fit 4:3 frame and not 1:1.

5.) Maintain a theme. / Bring creativity in your photos.

For example, check Instagram profiles of  @me_and_orla.


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Day 131 (365) Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick ‘s movie “The Space Odessy” is one of the best movies I have ever seen till now


“The space odyssey”


The movie has the best story line and best photography angles in it. I liked the movie because it gave me ideas for photography.

I liked the movie it’s fascinating and is a little confusing to understand what actually Stanley Kubrick has portrayed. But if you see his one more best movies it is “The shining” I watched it numerous times and discover the unhidden stories behind his every scene he depicted in the movie.

The second most important thing is he has creativity in his movies. So if you haven’t watched its movie I request you to watch it.



Day 128 (365) 2 hours at CSMVS.


Csmvs. Hallway
If you love visiting Museums and love getting lost into the aceint history of India then this place is meant for you.

The Museum is reminiscent of Mughal palace architecture.

Those geometric arched windows allow the shafts of light to enter the museum.And the museum appears bright and aesthetic because of the natural sunlights.

Adding to the beauty of this UNESCO heritage site. The museum has archaic interiors and a gigantic hallway which is one of the beautiful belts of it.

There are 3 floors in the museum. I liked the top floor because it exhibits objects from foreign lands.

See if you can spot a beautiful blue painted wall on one corner which is definitely a photo stop.
Established on 10th Jan 1922.// – Sneha Maske.


Day 128 (365) August.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
 Dangling legs.

Those wonderful days sitting of here, dangling my legs to the tunes of Mumford and Sons getting lost into the void. But for now, let me soak myself in the silence of the waves.

Day 127 (365) Found Hogwarts in India!!!

Mumbai University 1878//

Let’s take a look Inside the magnificent heritage buildings.🇮🇳

Processed with VSCO with e2 preset
The beautiful Ceilings

One of the beautiful wonders of British era. The iconic Rajabai clock tower at the MU is inspired by the gothic architectural style. The tower has one of the best-stained glass windows in the city.

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset
The Iconic Rajabai Clock Tower

And it has a magnificent library on the top level. The interior of the tower also shows the influence of the Campanile of the Florence Cathedral. Also, You can just pass by the MU, so it’s a photo stop where you can click pictures of the beautiful archaic buildings.


Processed with VSCO with c9 preset


Sadly, Out of the 16 tunes, it played during the British Raj, one of them which included “Home Sweet Home!”. It Currently chimes only one tune every 15 minutes. ~ Sneha Maske.//.

Damn! When I visited this place with my @as_if_you_know it felt like we are in
Hogwarts. 😀


The Hogwarts “Look A Like”


Day 126 (365) Instagram Meet and Greet.!!


@filmsburry_prajesh holds a ukulele



Life is forever a learning process – @filmsbury_prajesh.

He at times loves using his js vintage camera and shoots on film; Currently, uses Sony A7rii. He is a cinephile and has seen a lot of films. He is a mega fan of Stanley Kubrick and is inspired by other directors like Asghar Farhadi.

Apart from Films, he holds a collection of musical Instruments few of them encompasses -ukulele, violin, guitar, harmonica. He is also a singer.

I picked up a guitar and got into music because of Late rock legend Chester Bennington and learned singing by listening to the music itself. – filmsbury_prajesh.

Mad for films and Music! Meet my friend The filmsbury_prajesh

Day 125 (365) How to click UNESCO Heritage Sites.

A Photo Walk with my friend, I visited the UNESCO Heritage Site Buildings of Bombay. Here you will need to consider some points while you click a heritage buildings. As everyone around the world  tourist visit so many new places and they click the cliche photos of the well known places for  example The Taj Mahal, Gate way of India, Marine Drive, these are some famous places in India. To Stand out and click  a unique picture  folks! you have to brainstorm and think of an angle.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The Archives Of Bombay.

Here’s another photo of Iconic Rajabai Clock Tower is also an UNESCO Site in India.

2017-08-14 04.26.23 1-01.jpeg
Corridors of the Iconic Rajabai Clock Tower.

I always prefer clicking photos of the Ceilings or the beautiful interior of the Magnificent Archaic Buildings. Another important thing you should keep in mind that there should be a subject in your photo no matter where you click and how you click.


Processed with VSCO with e6 preset
Beautiful Ceilings of  CST.


For Instance Check out this Profile on  Instagram The Murad Osmann The popular destination based Photographer and influencer has a noteworthy photos and has it’s own  identity marked to his photos. #FollowMe  has made his profile a remarkable one.

Here are following 5 things which can make your photos peculiar.

1)  Cap: Use a cap to every destination you visit. You can change the colors of it as well


A friend of mine poses with a cap at a  Photo Stop in Mumbai.


2)  Book : Strike a pose with your travel journal Book.  Or novel in hand.

3) Passport : Pose with a passport to every country you visit.

4) Shoes: Swank your shoes everywhere that’s where people will think your photos are spectacular.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
This is my photo I captured at Marine Drive.


5) Camera : Pose with a camera or a group of foreigners every time you visit a new place.


I hope my blog helped you in what I mentioned in my title. Thank you for Reading!



Liebe Always, Heysnayy :’)

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Day 124 (365) Unique life Stories only at : IMD


Hey Hi, I hope you all are doing well! Here’s an interesting channel on You Tube as IMD.  Welcome, to a unique channel  IMD because it reveals so many Human Stories which not only inspire you but also talks about the incredible, unheard stories of an individual from India.


Do watch and subscribe and Get Inspired!  check out the best video. Here And get Inspired!! :’)



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Day 123 (365) One Word Prompt: Carousel


Just like this carousel never stops turning like wise the carousel of our life should not have a pause.